Sunday, December 22, 2013

Shantak-bird from HP Lovecraft's The Dream-quest of Unknown Kadath

The ill-rumored Shantak-bird of Leng.

I've seen various artists, when rendering this beasty, perhaps take Lovecraft too literally when he says "horse-headed"; meaning they literally either render a horse-head or horse-skull, when Lovecraft uses the term in the same sentence where he compares its size to that of elephants:

"for they were larger than elephants and had heads like a horse's."

Perhaps it's something that's arguable, but I can't really see Lovecraft making it a bird and giving a bloody horse's head. With this in mind I've made the body roughly the size of an elephant's and made the skull proper (the lower jaw is not considered a part of the skull) about the size of a horse's--though this skull-to-jaw ratio is just something that I've been playing with and may change in the future if I come back to update it...

I finished this too fast so I could post it in time for reddit's /r/lovecraft forum, so I'll probably go back and spruce it up later.


  1. respect for your painstaking effort.

    1. Thanks! The effort in part is because of great viewers like you but also because I'm wanting to make the artwork that me as a viewer would find cool. And if you like stuff from Dream-quest, or just from Lovecraft's universe in general, keep your eyes peeled because this is just the beginning!

      Thanks again for the compliment and the interest!