Tuesday, January 28, 2014

HP Lovecraft's In the Walls of Eryx

This is a prospector on Venus with carnivorous blossoms all around him and mirage-plants in the background. 
The more I read the story, the more I enjoy, conceptually, the Venus he created, as well as the ethos behind it; though Lovecraft was quite arcane in many of his beliefs, in In the Walls of Eryx he shows humans primarily as the villains who are unjustly invading lands not their own and killing justly-hostile natives--themes that primarily wouldn't enter the consciousness and works of scifi writers for many decades and mirrors, both in its overall themes of anti-imperialism and environmentalism, as well as its gloominess, the 1975 George RR Martin story, And Seven Times Never Kill Man.

Though he still had his prejudices, Lovecraft toward the end of his relatively young life was certainly seeing past a human-centric universe; this combined with his racial prejudices shows an amazing and extreme example of cognitive dissonance within a truly brilliant mind.

Here's the full illustration:

Here's some concept work for his helmet/mask and fire-gun:

And here's some conceptual illustrations for Venus' carnivorous plant life. 

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