Sunday, January 5, 2014

Scifi Lovecraft: In the Walls of Eryx

A painting inspired by HP Lovecraft's little-known sci-fi short story, In the Walls of Eryx. The narrative story itself isn't one of his masterworks but the environments, creatures and overall conception is quite unique and evocative. 

The story surrounds a highly dangerous, jungle-strewn Venus where mining crews search the planet for special stones that power the cities of Earth, while the native aliens defend their planet with primitive tools. The 8-foot tall aliens, unlike those in the similarly conceived Avatar, were giant reptile-like creatures with tentacles on their chests. 

Being that Lovecraft was writing the story in the WW1 period, I tried to add in some outfit ideas from military uniforms of the time, while also making it loosely "futuristic". 

You can find more conceptual work about Eryx here and here.  

I hope to do more paintings of the varied wildlife of Lovecraft's Venus in the near-future.