Friday, February 28, 2014

Polaris illustrations and Eryx concepts

This is something I've been working on for some time. I enjoy the fact Polaris, a rather brief story by Lovecraft, both defines the parameters of his own Dreamland literary phase and universe, but also heralds the later greater works of JRR Tolkien and Robert E Howard.

I wanted the soldiers' armor to be relatively simplified, without mail and, aside from their helmets, without actual plate armor--I based the helm, greaves and brigandine skirt on ancient Gallic-Celtic warriors. I also fashioned the architecture primarily after Greco-Roman architecture, which I think would probably be considered by Lovecraft, a self-proclaimed Greco-phile, to be the most noble architecture of the ancient world. 

This, like my "Eryx" work, is a work in progress, and for which I'll continue to work on and explore as time goes by. 

How the faux-cover would look if real, with the spine in the center. 

The full painting. 

The temple of Nodens?

Also, I did these rather quick and loose (for what I'm used to) environmental concepts inspired by Lovecraft's In the Walls of Eryx, exploring both different environments and different color pallets. I did these last week but didn't feel them substantial enough to post on their own. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lovecrafts Ghouls and Ward/Curwen character designs

One of Lovecraft's Ghouls. This felt really nostalgic, as when I was a kid I would read Alvin Schwartz's Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, adoring the gothic artwork by Stephen Gammell, even though I didn't know at that time what gothic was, and would draw monsters and tombstones over and over again, so this really felt like coming home. 

Spurred by a curious person, I decided this week to work on character designs of Joseph Curwen and Charles Dexter Ward from Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward. 

Sometimes what the writer blithely describes on the page can be difficult or, in some cases, even impossible to actually visualize successfully, and I soon realized while trying to render Charles Dexter Ward and Joseph Curwen, two characters who were supposed to look almost exactly alike, even though the former was in his mid-twenties and the latter looked well into his middle-age, that it would be problematic to translate the work on the page. Even more problematic was the fact that, when I really thought about it, the image I always had in my head of Joseph Curwen and the image always had of Ward were actually completely different from each other, so trying to find the right look between the two while also battling my own original, entirely divergent, interpretations was not easy. The ones on the bottom are close (I think) to the final version I'm going to create for Ward/Curwen, though I may re-render Curwen's colonial hair-do.

Monday, February 10, 2014

HP Lovecraft's Joseph Curwen

This is a pastiche of Joseph Curwen from HP Lovecraft's The Case of Charles Dexter Ward I made a while ago while doodling on my ipad. It's more a study of a physical manifestation of his evil rather than an accurate portrayal of the actual character as the Curwen from the story, though evil, is actually quite normal-looking. I post this because an inquiring soul asked if I had anything illustrated on Curwen, this being currently all I've got. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Lovecraft's Gugs

Some creature concept stuff for Lovecraft's The Dream-quest of Unknown Kadath.

Haven't done too much in the way of Lovecraft this week, with >this< being one of the none-Lovecraft things I worked on instead.

Also a human to ghoul metamorphosis:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

HP Lovecraft Art-book Paintings List

The list of paintings I plan to do (along with the ones I've already done) for my upcoming HP Lovecraft art-book:

1. Dr. Munoz 
2.Henry Armitage
3. Randalph Carter
4. Kuranes 
5. Robert Blake
6. Marinus Bicknell 
7. Thomas F. Malone
8. Francis Wayland 
9. George Gammel 
10  Inspecter John 
Raymond Legrass
11. Henry Anthony 
12. William Channing 
13. Gustav Johansen 
14. Robert Olmstead
15. Zadok Allen
16. Ammi Pierce
18. Iranon 19. Joseph Curwin
20. Wilbur Whatley 
21. Old Wizard Whatley
22. Erich Zann
23. Abdul Alhazred
24. Herbert West
25. Azathoth
26. Lilith
27. Robert Suydam 
28. Nyarlethotep
29. Asenaith Waite
30. The Outsider
31. Keziah Mason
32. Brown Jenkins
33. Zkauba
34. Nargis-Hei
1. Arkham 
2. Dunwich
3. Sarnath
4. The Nameless City
5. Kadath
6. Celephais
7. The Mountains of 
8. The High House in 
the Mist
9. The Gardner Farm
10. R'leyeh
11. Innsmouth
12. Stone City of the 
Old Ones
13. Lomar
14. Dylath-Leen
15. Yaddith
16. The Shunned 
17. The Erycinian 
18. Exham Priory
1. Bokrug
2. The Book of Eibon
3. The 
4. The Necronomicon
5. The Shining 
6. The Stone Idols
7. The Horror in the 
1. The Nightgaunts
2. The Shantak-Birds
3. The Albino Penguins
4. The Ghasts
5. Those from Beyond
6. The Flora of Venus
7. The Fauna of Venus
1. The Dwellers of Ib
2. The Old Ones
3. The Beings of the 
Nameless City
4. The Mi-Go
5. The Ghouls
6. The Lurking Fear
7. The Great Ones
8. The Gugs
9. The Zoogs
10. The Moon Beasts
11. The Great Race of
12. Gnophkehs
13. The Man-Lizards of 

Had to type it out as the image with text wouldn't work on blogger for some reason... 

A sketch of hairy, long-armed Gnophkehs from Polaris. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014