Saturday, March 1, 2014

Lovecraft's Ghast doodle + rambing explanation and a Randolph Carter speedpaint.

This is rather long but bear with me...
So I wasn't actually going to post this, as I finished it a couple weeks ago, but because of certain interesting intervening circumstances I thought maybe it was worth it.

You see, I painted this on my old Ipad 2 in the genuinely wonderful art program, Procreate. I was just doodling with this one while hanging out with friends, as because of the Ipad 2's lack of pressure sensitivity (very bad for art!) and low resolution(equally bad!), and in spite of its superlative art programs, I don't usually render anything on it, primarily painting all my stuff on my main Windows computer and leaving the Ipad for my collection of ebooks and Lovecraft/Tolkien/Dunsany/Howard audiobooks, but more on this later...

So aside from being a doodle, I realized after drawing this that the Ghast's, from Lovecraft's The Dream-quest of Unknown Kadath, actually have eyes, red eyes to be exact, and so I didn't think it was worth posting it for being a doodle, and in fact an inaccurate doodle at that.

But then....I discovered today that Procreate, without giving you the option beforehand and without my knowledge, recorded my entire drawing process of creating this half-formed fiend! You can get a higher-def version of the video by clicking the youtube link or clicking here.

I've actually never made a video of my art process before, and considering I was just drawing this while talking with friends I find it extremely ironic, and quite humorous, that the process in the video looks as smooth as it does. Also, the red landscape sketch at the beginning was me exploring color keys for this painting I did. 

So back to the Ipad...I recently learned I was getting back way more on my taxes than I thought and so when I get my return I'll be purchasing an Ipad 3, along with a Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus for the Ipad. What's cool is that the 3rd Ipad iteration has four times(!) the resolution of the Ipad 2--more than enough pixels to create a completed illustration--and the Intuos Creative Stylus has as much pressure sensitivity as the one I use on my main computer to paint all my 'serious' digital artwork. This not only means I'll be painting and posting more while I do the menial tasks that go about during my day, but also in lieu of Procreate's easy-to-use video tech I'll be posting more videos of my process in the future. 

TL;DR: Art program secretly video-tapes my art process and so get ready to see more art process videos in the future. 

After all that babbling here's a Randolph Carter/Kadath speedpaint I did last night:

I tried to make this one a bit looser, and looked for ways to speed up my process a bit more. Cheers! 

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