Sunday, April 6, 2014

Arthur Jermyn

Not one of Lovecraft's best known stories, and certainly not one of his best in any context, it still has a smidgen of mysterious charm, particularly as it's one of the early stories that explores so many of his thematic archetypes, such as tainted ancestry, destructive knowledge, unnatural mingling of species, and biological degeneration. 

All the same, it heavily shows both Lovecraft's racism, as well as, and probably more importantly, his social snobbery, which combined together make it one of his less pleasant stories to read; in this story in particular his heavy inclination toward deriding the lesser social classes (classes that ironically he would reside in for the vast majority of his life) is quite intolerable and annoying to me personally. 

Still, I thought it was a fun challenge to try and successfully mix the physiology of man and gorilla, though I think I went more toward the latter in this version....

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  1. Man, he was a wuss. I think it would be awesome to find out my great-great grandma was a gorilla