Saturday, May 3, 2014

Lovecraftian Esquimaux Design

I'm in love with Lovecraft's early forgotten story, Polaris, as well as his later, rather brief, additions to the history of Lomar the lost in the far north of the world. I've already rendered the Gnophkehs and Lomarians, so I thought I would turn my attention to the "Esquimaux". 

Since Eskimos at no time have been up to battling organized armies, I thought maybe they in the story were simply attributed to being Eskimos, or Esquimaux as Lovecraft colorfully put it, and I thought I could conjure them as something else entirely. I made them tribal, but adorned with bright paint to juxtapose against the muted colors of the Lomarians. I plan to do a serious painting of these antagonists, as well as one of the Lomarians, in the same pose as that of the Gnophkehs painting above.  

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