Sunday, July 27, 2014

Asenath Waite

This painting, though long in coming, was certainly inspired by recently finding Paco Rico Torres' amazingly polished -rendition- of Asenath. I think his is the better version, but I'm still learning to be an illustrator, so maybe one day I'll come back to this painting, like I plan to do with a number of my earlier Lovecraftian paintings, and make it the best Asenath it could possibly be. 

It's rather unfortunate that the only major female character in the entirety of Lovecraft's oeuvre would appear in what is probably his weakest late period story, and in such a bizarre, gender-swapped way. 

I think it's rather curious that women are nigh non-existent in all of Lovecraft's works, when women, both those in his family and those in the world of amateur-journalism, made such an large impact on his life. 

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  1. It's a great painting, but when will we see more? :D This was two months ago, and I've been checking every day!