Monday, July 14, 2014

The Gardner Farm and The Colour out of Space

The Colour out of Space is, in my opinion, Lovecraft's best work. This is primarily because of the overall completeness and refined execution of the work, which stands in stark contrast to many of the works in his oeuvre, which, even in the case of profound works like The Dunwich Horror or The Shadow out of Time, are still at best only unevenly successful.

And I think if there was any story of Lovecraft's that genuinely deserved the full-length novel treatment from him it was this story; it would be amazing to see, day by day and week by week, the obliteration of the Gardner family, as well as the environs surrounding them, rather than the tantalizingly brief descriptions we're given.  

I had a hard time finding a font (it took me all of 45 minutes!) that I felt worked with this image, and it only really worked (as much as I seem to think it does) when I erased out bits of it using a rust-brush in photoshop. This was completely done on my brand new Microsoft Surface Pro tablet btw. 

This is the 20th-ish painting I've done for the HP Lovecraft artbook. I say "ish" because I have to go back and spruce up a few of the older paintings, some because of errors in relation to the source material, and some because I've realized in hindsight, and also as I've gotten better as an artist, that there were better ways to improve on what I was trying to say. Only with one, my rendition of Leng, do I feel I need to near-totally re-render it, which I'll be doing soon so I don't have that monkey on my back continuously.

Also, if anyone out there was wondering what my workstation looks like, here it is:

The little fuzzy dude trying to keep me from painting is my cat Lovecraft (yes, I am that unbelievably unimaginative) who is always there for emotional support, as well as artistic inspiration, though mostly just there to pester me for food.

Next up is a panoramic painting of Ulthar, and possibly Asenath Waite after that.

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