Friday, October 3, 2014

Sketches back from the dead...

I've been away from the Lovecraftian for a while, as anyone who would follow this blog would know. The reasons are various but primarily have to do with other obligations taking me away without giving me the time to do personal work. Luckily my friend Brian nudged me to do something to show I wasn't dead. These are sketches I've tried to do between work, just random Lovecraftian things that come immediately to mind.... Also sorry Brian for being late on these, I just thought I'd postpone posting them until I had something more substantial.

Innsmouth. There's so many places to start illustrating when it comes to this great distopian seaport that it's hard to know where to begin. 

Some denizens of Innsmouth. 

Detective Legrasse. For some reason when I read Cthulhu I always imagined a mustachioed detective similar to the image of Dashielle Hammett. I've been meaning to do a painting of him, just I haven't been able to get a successful image in my head of how to illustrate it...

A very quick and rough sketch of Leng/Antarctica.

   A sketch of a Zoog. Just thinking of how many arboreal features the little fiends may have had. 
Sketches of the beings from Beyond. I'd love to seriously render these, as I've had an idea about how to create them for a long time, though I'll probably do some studies of jelly-fish before I do.